Smart city wireless communication network with graphic showing concept of internet of things ( IOT ) and information communication technology ( ICT ) against modern city buildings in the background.

Well-known Cleveland-based IoT Directions (IoTD) have developed a strategic partnership with Pittsburgh-based MediTechnix Incorporated (MTI) to deliver blockchain-based services and products throughout the State of Ohio.

While many groups are musing how blockchain technology can be utilized within their business practice, we have actually made the promise of blockchain a reality. Having successfully ideated, developed, and implemented an extremely high ROI value-adding blockchain product for a major health insurance conglomerate, MTI have set their sights on working with IoTD to develop blockchain solutions with new client sets.

MTI has also successfully developed a high level enterprise-wide roadmap strategy for a major health insurance conglomerate to replace its legacy systems with blockchain technology over five years,

IoTD and MTI offer 14 discrete Use Cases using blockchain.

IoTD and MTI can provide total design and execution ranging from Enterprise Strategy through Sustainable Operation, and any and all intermediary steps between these endpoints. Requisite, specialized knowledge databases that can be directly brought to bear for clients include:

  • enterprise strategy and design
  • product strategy
  • design,
  • business architecture
  • key performance indicators
  • legal and accounting resources

Further specialized knowledge experience includes proof of concept exercise design, game theory, topology, smart contract logic, consensus design, technical team structure, exercise structure, technology selection, as well as technology team selection, direction & execution.

In addition to their real-world success, to round-out their knowledge base, MTI principals have also recently completed highly rigorous formal academic training re Blockchain Business Innovation at the MIT-Sloan School.

Importantly, our Team can bring technologists with whom they have successful working relationships, as well as taking advantage of specialized “boutique firm” knowledge bases. This even extends to Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) for both Regulation A+ Investors as well as Regulation D Investors.

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  • Please get in touch to see how we can help you to innovate to take advantage of blockchain technology for new products and services for your current and new clients.


healthcare innovation & transformation

Gene Monaco is focused on new technology work in healthcare and life science, with extensive patient-centric SME exposures to many types of patient and clinical requirements, and technical, operational and economic realities.

Since 2010, he has executed numerous new turnkey enterprise transformational and innovative technology works and strategies extending from PoCs through complete implementations. Some newer technologies include blockchain, SaMDs, telehealth, mobile health software and hardware, medical device, telecom systems, embedded sensors, wearables, robotics, virtual doctor visit, cloud computing, among others, unleashing added value and new market capabilities. Recent clients extend from numerous private investors and startups, through blue chips including Genentech-Roche, Biogen, JnJ Med Devices, Cleveland Clinic, United Healthcare, Optum, American Red Cross, Grady Health System, Express Scripts, CVS Health, and others.

Gene was granted M.Sc.Eng. and B.Sc.Eng. degrees in Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Pittsburgh, recently completing the MIT-Sloan Blockchain Business Innovation & Application Program. His certifications include Lean 6σ Black Belt, Project Management, Business Analytics, and FINRA investment banking licenses. Gene serves on the Pittsburgh Transplant Policy Board (Committee on Oversight Transplant), and maintains memberships in HIMSS and the American Telemedicine Association (ATA).